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Let's create something innovative...

$350.00 - 450.00 | 4 hours + 1000 Photos

Creating content that reflects the soul behind your business and brand is important. You wouldn't enjoy using social media, or the internet for that matter if no one put effort into their creations. Let's decrease the clutter online by sharing your values, personality, services, and voice in innovative and fun ways. At the end of the day, our goal is for your audience to enjoy it!

All photoshoots must be booked 30 days in advance. Each client will have a 1 hr consultation meeting to determine a shot list for the photoshoot and necessary products.

Price varies upon location. Contact for details.


Clients are responsible for the cost the studio should they choose to use one, but are by no means required to.

Camera Shy?

That's okay - and you don't need to get in front of the camera to have a successful social media presence. We're here to tell your story, and what matters is how we utilize platforms to share your voice. 

Talk to us about graphic designs for your business, and education-based social media campaigns to connect with your audience in creative ways - that don't involve you having to become a trained movie star overnight.  

If you don't currently see what you need listed, don't be shy, we're flexible! Reach out and The Public Relations Lab would be happy to accommodate with a tailored strategy priced accordingly. 



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